Images no show

Hello, I would like to know why sometimes my images are displayed and other times not ?, every time I update the page, randomly my images are displayed or not.

I don’t know what it depends on, sometimes it is sometimes not

Is the image an actual column or a virtual column?

thanks @Austin_Lambeth, it is real

Your first 2 screen shots are slightly different, one has 2 views and the other does not, are these 2 different devices?
If yes, does the image not show consistently on that device? like even if you refresh, sync or re-open the browser it won’t show on that device.

When I update the page or synchronize the app, it may serve to show the images, as it may not.

It is random, that is, the images that were shown to me the first time I loaded the page, may not appear on the second page reload.

We are currently experiencing a similar but slightly different thing. Our images don’t load for some users some times but re-syncing the app does not ever seem to help us. It’s random but persistent when it occurs. I recommend email and try to find a way of re-creating the issue consistently if possible as that will be the best help in them solving it.

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thanks @Austin_Lambeth