Images not showing in PDf report

I am creating a basic PDF report and some of the images are not showing. They are def in the cloud system - Sharepoint.
Wondering is this related to the ongoing Microsoft issues.
I eventually got the App to open and now this is happening. This report needs to go out to a client today!!


Anyone else seeing this?

Changed this to a BOT, same issue.
Changed it to Mandrill, same issue, think its actually worse!

If I click on the link to the missing images in the report, the images open. They are just not showing in the pdf

Please contact Support for help with this.

already have, thanks @Steve

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Disabled the Bot and went back to Workflow and changed to Mandrill. Got the report to run with photos finally. Still not running using BOT but good old workflow works for a simple task like this. Thanksfully this was an old app where i already had a workflow!