Images not visible to user for a shared spreadsheet

  • I have 2 emails being used in order to manage public vs. sign on apps (Email A and Email B)
  • There are 6 apps connected to the main spreadsheet located in Google Drive under Email A
  • For billing purposes, I’m needing to transfer 2 of these apps to a new email address (Email B) but I’m having trouble with the “transferred” account viewing the associated images.

In Google Drive under Email A I have the following under My Drive:

  • The main spreadsheet (database)
  • Image File 1 = Route References
  • Image File 2 = Materials Images
  • Image File 3 = Receiving References

I’ve shared all of the above with Email B so it has visibility of the images and data. The database worked fine but I can’t get the images to be visible.

I unfortunately cannot move the files now as the app is live with many users so it will need to be scheduled. I added an image from the new Email B account to see if I could create the new image file name but got this - something I cannot create:

*****How can I get the newly transferred app to view images in Google’s My Drive? How can I use this option to accomplish visibility of the images:

What’s the location of the back-end gSheet for Email B account?

The main gSheet resides in My Drive under Email A account and shared to the Email B account’s address. When I view Google Drive of the Email B account the main database is found under “Shared with me”

You need to right click that shared file, choose Add to my drive, and then move the copied/added gSheet file to the respective appsheet > data > appname-userid folder.

ok trying it now…

I’ve seen that option before but when I click on the shared file I don’t seem to have the option - unless it was renamed ?

Note: The gSheet is already located in My Drive so I tried Add shortcut to Drive but the images are still not visible.

Would I need to update the Default app folder?



Doesn’t seem to see them:

I can’t get it to work when there’s a “link” in the path. I don’t know if images support Drive link in relative paths.

@Steve Can you please clarify if it is possible to have a linked folder in relative image path? Do actually support links in relative path? Could this be a sharing permission issue?

I have:

 - AppDataSheet
 - /images
   - /Team Icons -> (link to a folder in one of the shared drives)
       - Team.png
   - company_logo.png -> (again a link to a file in shared drive)

and then in the image column I have

images/Team Icons/[Name].png
images/company_logo.png  (another example I tested)

I know the linked files with the team names exist and it also doesn’t work with linked file. I cannot see the image in “View Data” for table; it shows broken image icon.