Images showing Warning Triangle

Good day,

User started reporting some images uploaded today to the app via phones are displaying Warning triangle, any body else is having this issue.

The secure settings are turned off for this app.
Screen Shot 2020-10-01 at 1.53.15 PM


I’m having the same problem, I saw the main directory name on Google spreadsheet changed from Visit_Images/… To gs://…

The app is generating different access.


Same here with photos not saving and the new gs://app… path. We have not made any changes to the apps but they started doing this around 10-11 am CST today. We are using Smartsheet as our data storage.

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@Aleksi any pointers?


Please contact for help with this. I’ve also reported this thread internally.

We are experiencing the same problem. We use Gsheet in “Gdrive” as a database


Hi All,
Thanks for reporting that. After investigation, it seems this impacts applications running on Android.
We’ll be rolling back recent changes ASAP.

Thank you


We have the same problem here. Basically all our staff is affected :frowning:

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The user that have reported the issue are on Android phones.

All of our users are on white-labeled Android apps.

Same issue here, will these pictures be lost, or will we be able to recuperate them??

We’ve rolled back our changes.
What this means for now:

  1. You should be able to upload new images and files without seeing this issue now
  2. Records that were affected, e.g. because the image or file was uploaded, will still show the warning triangle.

We’re investigating how to recuperate the images and files that are affected.
Thank you


great job, thank you for your support

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@Arthur_Rallu, initial testing on our side shows that things are working again. Thank you!


Any Idea if the images taken before the fix are lost or can be saved??


We’re still investigating if that’s possible.

If we find out it’s not possible, you would have to re-upload images and files to the impacted records. It might be faster to do that in some cases.

Thank you

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We’re not able to automatically and completely retrieve all the images for you. However, we’ve managed to put in place a manual process that lets you finish the upload of the pictures and files. It’s not optimal but this is what we’re able to do today.
First I’ll give the instructions on how you can recover the pictures and files, then I’ll explain what is happening.

Manual steps to recover your images:

  1. Open the app that has some problematic records, ie records for which the image was not uploaded to your data source and for which your DB/spreadsheet will show the funny name of your image/file.
  2. For each problematic record, edit it and update just one field but not the picture/file field, and save the record.
  3. For the first record, I’d check in my data source that the image is there after the sync, and that the image also shows up in the app
  4. Move on to the next problematic record and repeat step 2.

So what’s happening?
As you’ve noticed, the image and filename got a funny name in your DB/spreadsheet and your images & files were not uploaded to your data source. The images & files are supposed to be uploaded to a temporary storage and then to your data sources. However, the second step did not happen. By editing a problematic record, your app will again signal to update the image/file and the process will resume where it left off. As the intermediate storage is temporary, I recommend you take care of updating these records quickly.

Our apologies for the issue this has created.


Please see the above.




Please see above.

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HI @Arthur_Rallu,

Thanks for the time and help for the images are showing now.


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