Images unabe to load

For some reason my images are not loading on any app from the file location.

I have tested to see if the file location created by appsheet is created and it is, however only SOME photos load on the apps. see pic

They either load, show the timer or dont load at all.

Are these images user uploaded through the App?

Yes they are loaded through each users app. Strange thing is even if it doesnt load, if a workflow is set and an email is sent, the email shows the correct images. It only on the apps that they dont load.

Its the same if on my phone, or on the computer.

When I have seen other users bring this up in the past, it has been a myriad of different issues. But the easiest thing to do first, if possible, is attempt to identify if the this problem is related to a certain subset of users, or any other anything else in common with the images that you can’t view. Sometimes, it’s a user who is somehow on a slightly older version of the App and never got an update. Sometimes, it’s a user’s version of their camera software or OS version. But seeing as the email always gets the images, then it’s probably a weird formatting of the pictures file name from the users. Take a look at the raw data of which pictures aren’t displaying and I bet we can start to narrow down the issue.

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