Immediate running of report


I have a need to provide information to users immediately, and was hoping that a report can be made to do that rather than on a scheduled basis. I know how it could be done with a workflow, but the data requires a complex filter that I believe needs a slice which is only provided by reports. Thank you.

(Marc Dillon) #2

I think if you further describe what you need you can probably get some help. I’m sure a workflow can get you what you need, it just might require some extra expressions to redo your complex filter. What information, and when, do you need to report?


Thanks very much for your response Marc. By my “instant” need, I meant that the email would be sent when the action icon (triggering a change in a value) was pressed. That works perfectly for me when using a workflow. The following is a simplified version of the data-slice filter I would need replicated in the workflow expression. The actual filter has about 10 additional components within the AND().

AND([vDistance] <= LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(),Users,Email,Radius),[v1]<=2,[v2]>=4)

(Philip Garrett) #4

It is true that the workflow rule requires you to specify a table as the trigger, but you can use a slice in the SELECT expression that controls which rows are displayed. Does that suffice?

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Yes-that could be perfect. I’ll check it out this evening when I’m back in the office. Thanks a million.


Phil - BINGO! Perfect solution for me; thanks so much. I’ll post an update tomorrow with a picture showing a simple application of your solution for future visitors. BTW, you might want to consider adding the ability to use slices in your SELECT() docs (unless it’s already there or seems unnecessarily obvious). Again, I’m very grateful for your help.

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Here’s a simple example of Phil’s solution that met my needs completely.

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