Implementing 1 to many relationships in AppSh...

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Implementing 1 to many relationships in AppSheet

Hey team, I have a games table and some fields have a 1 to many relationships

For example: 1 game can have many rules 1 rule can have many violations

1 violation can have many penalties

How do I

implement this in-app sheet so when the user reaches the point of entering a rule, they can enter multiple rules as a part of that one record?



(Philip Garrett) #2

+Tyson Carmichael

The following article provides an overview - The “Item-Detail” Data Pattern

This article describes the mechanics

The essence is to add a Ref in the “Many” record that refers to the “One” record. If the “Many” records are dependent on the “One” record set the “IsAPartOf” property in the Ref field in the “Many” record. The Ref field value in each instance of a “Many” record is always the key of the parent “One” record. The “Item-Detail” Data Pattern

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Thanks Philip !

I appreciate it.