Import a CSV file for this view

Hi all,

I’ve found what appears to be a new action. I’m unable to find any documentation for it so far, and it does not appear to do anything on a table that I am attempting to test it on. Has anyone been able to use this? If it allows us to import CSV files, this would be huge!



Dear Appsheet,

Thank you for continually improving the platform. One request: Even when changes are in beta and you’re not sure that they will remain in the platform, I would appreciate it if you could announce them in the “What’s new” section of this community.




FYI… it’s not fully functional/released yet.


Agreed. It seems that we are constantly finding new features rather than learning of them via any official channel from AppSheet. And the documentation is usually a few weeks behind when the feature is first found by the community.

I love the platform and appreciate all the work the devs are doing, but I feel like the development community could really benefit from getting this info sooner. Knowing a feature is in development could be the difference in closing a sale with a client, or the determining factor in a design approach.

I’ve lost potential clients because AppSheet lacked a certain feature they wanted. What if it was in development and I just didn’t know?

Last year I spend a few days writing a script to import CSVs. If that had happened now I’d be pretty bummed to learn I wasted my time rebuilding a feature that was about to be released.

Could we please get some kind of roadmap to know what features are in active development, or approved for future development? I would love to see a monthly post that updates us on features that are still in the works so we can better plan our development and sales.

Thank you, AppSheet devs! You guys are doing great work, and we just want to know more about it ahead of time. :smiley:


Hi @GreenFlux, @Kirk_Masden and others - just wanted to share that this is an area of focus right now and the team is working on improving the process for sharing platform updates with app creators. Our approach of building and deploying quickly has historically made it difficult to keep everyone informed of the latest updates, and the last couple months of company transition and market disruption has put a strain on that process as well.

As we update how new functionality is shared, we’ll make announcements here in the community and will look for feedback to make sure we’re headed in the right direction. Thank you!


I really miss those Feature Friday weekly blog posts. They were perfect for that kind of thing.


Thanks @Peter! I appreciate your response. And, I would like to emphasize how much I appreciate AppSheet’s continuing improvement and expansion of features.

That said, here’s one more argument in favor of brief announcements of features in beta:

In this post, I describe a problem associated with the new search function (which, aside from the problem I describe, I love! :heart: ) The point I try to make in my comment is that, if we had a brief little heads up from AppSheet about the beta functionality, we would have the beginnings of a thread to which we could add comments. In this case, I think 80% of the comments would be effusive praise, 10% requests for even better search capabilities and 10% comments about issues that have come up.

Thanks again for your consideration. I realize everyone is busy but even super brief announcements should suffice.

P.S. Here’s another thread about the new search function. This is where I learned about it:


If they push a feature, then create documentation, it’ll probably recycle a little dev, and three weeks later we’ll have it out in alpha… Why not just release it, let the community support early alpha, and let appsheet support beta… LoL