Import CSV data field format DD/MM/AAAA

Hello everyone! First of all, thank you very much for your help. Honestly, whenever I have asked a question they have answered me very generously.

I find myself in this situation, when trying to import a CSV that contains a date field (DD / MM / YYYY) it shows me the following message.

However if I modify the CSV and change the format of the date field to MM / DD / YYYY. It allows me to import it without problem.

However if I modify the CSV and change the format of the date field to MM / DD / YYYY. It allows me to import it without problem.

My problem is that users will import files with date fields in the format DD / MM / YYYY.

Can anyone guide me with this problem?
It is possible to import data from a CSV in which the date data (s) are in DD / MM / YYYY format.

I await your help.

Thank you!

Typically, AppSheet expects raw date values to be in the US format: MM/DD/YYYY. I don’t know if the CSV import function is responsive to the user’s locale setting, but you might explore it if you haven’t already.

Alternatively, you can import the existing value into a column of type Text and compute the Date value by processing the Text value.

See also:

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I would be interested to know if anyone has found a way to make this work?

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I have read the articles carefully, verify that both the tables created, as well as the data sheet, have the same regional settings.

As suggested to me, the FECHA_A_REALIZAR field
With text format, in this way I managed to import the csv correctly, and save the data in the following way dd / mm / yyyy, for example 01/23/2021. (text format)

but now I need to transform the data found in the FECHA_A_REALIZAR field, in text format.
To a data in date format dd / mm / yyyy.

for this I created a virtual field, called dates, and I tried to format it as follows.

As you can see, the test returns the following result.

On the screen where I should see the information, grouped by Dates, I see that the is not doing it, it returns an invalid date message

Can you guide me to solve this problem?
Thanks a lot!

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Hi @Lynn

Unfortunately, there was no workaround I came up with for this date format issue when it comes to CSV import.
If the date format does not match what Appsheet requires, then we ./ app user need to modify the format before letting data go to data source.



Thank you @tsuji_koichi . I decided it was quicker and safer to just copy and paste my data into the sheet rather than risk stuffing up my dates. Hopefully one day there will be a solution.

Try this:


@Steve Thank you very much for your generosity ! the world needs many @Steve

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