Import CSV Error: Field 'abcd' in table 'TTTT' is not insertable

Anyone seen this error before? The error is occurring across all fields in the CSV file. If I delete the abcd field from the CSV file the next field ‘efgh’ gives the same error. The import csv action worked fine 3 days ago. Any thoughts would be great.

I would guess a value in the “abcd” field of at least one row of the CSV data is not type-compliant with the column of the “TTTT” table of the app or the data source (e.g., the database?).

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Thanks for the response. That was my first thought. However, the data set I was using was unchanged from 3 days prior. 3 days prior the import worked perfectly on 4 different CSV files. I was retracing my steps in preparation for a demo when I encountered the problem.

After further research, I have traced the problem to the column settings of the TTTT table. In order to import a field from the CSV file, a column must be set to Editable. This was not the case when I ran the action last week. The two fields giving me a problem are both date fields. Neither of these date fields s/b editable by the user. One date field is shown to the user to assist them in determining why the transaction occurred. The second date field is for historical reference only and is not shown to the user, but may be important at a later time. We s/b able to import any data we want as long as a column exists in the table and a matching field appears in the CSV file. Can you elevate this and get the import set so that any and all valid fields can be imported?

A column must be editable to modify it. If you were able to modify it previously, I suspect that was a bug and has been fixed. @Phil , do you have any insight?

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The way I think about the Appsheet column controls is they are user facing and control what a developer shows a user, if a user may edit a field, or requires the user to provide data to complete a record. There are separate controls over the CSV edit process. You must provide the key and the correct column heading to update/edit a record’s field. If the import is of new records you can either put a key on each row of data or let Appsheet create a UniqueID. However, if you were to put a key on a new record that matches an existing record, Appsheet would interpret that as an edit of the existing record and replace the data. Lastly, if you require a field to be editable for both a CSV import and user input you limit the flexibility/usability of Appsheet.

In the case I gave you earlier, the first date field needs to be shown to the user, but it should not be editable by the user under any circumstance. If I have to select the Show box to display it to the user and check the Editable box to allow a CSV import, the user will be able to change the date. If Appsheet treats the Show, Editable and Required checkboxes as only user facing and not affecting the CSV import, my requirements would be met and you expand the usability of Appsheet. I don’t see any reason to restrict the CSV import process by layering on an additional requirement above what is already required in the CSV import process. If Appsheet won’t treat the Show, Editable and Required boxes as only user facing, I suppose I could accomplish the same thing by creating a virtual column for the immutable date and just check off the Show box.