Import CSV error

Hi ! I got error for import CSV action. Could someone help me solve this problem ?

I got this error when upload CSV.


My construct.

My file that have test upload. ( CSV UTF-8 )

I leave the key field as blank for add new row with initial value ( UNIQUEID() ).

Hi @Nuttawutz
Are you updating rows, or adding new rows?
I just did a test import without ID and all my rows had a UNIQUEID added.


I am trying to adding new rows.

Please post a screenshot of the entire configuration of the action that is trying to create the row.


Hi Steve,
My action to create the new row as show below.

Is there any points that i should recheck ?

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Remove that field from the CSV file.


Thank you very much Grant_Stead ! It’s working !!!

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Awesome, anything you include will try to push… With this method you can for example, make a field blank/null… So Appsheet sees the blank column, tries to push a blank value, but hits a wall with the required statement…


Thank you for your suggestion!

One more question, Is it possible to import with the multiple sheet into appsheet ? like we have header sheet and detail sheet which export from SQL.

No sir.


Thank you for your answer !

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