Import CSV gives Error Value for _RowNumber

I am a new user and I am exploring Appsheet with a prototype to learn and consolidate
the development of future apps. I find it very versatile, functional and scalable and I want to continue knowing this platform.

I have a table “Player” with ID_Player key and other multiple columns. Appsheet add system column ‘_RowNumber’ which is a column of own autonumeric control for the rows and I cannot ignore it.

Please can someone help me how to solve the following ERROR when importing CSV to load the table:

Error: Row having key ID = ‘xyz’ in table ‘Player’ in field '_RowNumber’
is required to have a value.

And as is known, I cannot assign a pre-known value for ‘_RowNumber’ in the CSV value list.

Hi. Solved. The table was corrupt, I deleted it and created again and the CSV import worked correctly. We already know, some errors do not originate from the appsheet platform, but from the data source. I close this topic. See you soon.