Import CSV NO overwrite existing date

Hello. How’s everybody? I hope that very good.
I need your input on the following.
Some time ago I created a functionality to be able to import data from a csv, I use the action of importing data. This had been working very well, but today I run into the following problem, I import a file, I verify the loaded data and if later, for some reason I try to lift the same file with only one or two modified records, it is not replacing the modified records, if not it adds them ALL again.
Previously, when importing the same file, it replaced records that had only been modified, but now it does not directly generate new records. Can someone help me solve it?

first import

second import, same csv, same records … Here I hope that it does not insert records, but rather that it “steps on” those inserted the first time …

but that does not happen …

I can’t see why he’s behaving this way …

Can somebody help me?


This sounds like a bug. Please contact for help with this.