Import data from Excel

Hello, as appsheet can import data from many sources, is there anyway to align that function into the own app created by appsheet?

Ex: i will need to update new data at the beginning of the date for everyday. Looking for suggestion for automation if any also.

Thank you for your time, sorry i am new to appsheet.

Could you provide more detail into your particular needs?

I need to update my table with different information per day, such as new list of active employees per day. But the original from my current system may have more columns than what i needed in appsheet, so instead of do it manually, is there any suggest to automate that process?

Thanks in advance.

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Unfortunately, I do not have any suggestions for you. :frowning:

It would not be totally automatic, but you can load data into an AppSheet table from a CSV file by clicking a button linked to the Import CSV action.