Import from CSV Action Disappears after Saving

I have added a ‘Import from CSV for this view’ action to one of my tables. While I have not yet saved my latest version of the app, the button for the action appears in my detail view. After I have saved the app the button for the action no longer appears in the detail view and I cannot find the action anywhere. Am I making a mistake in my configuration or does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?

Hey @Markus_Malessa, does the table allow adds and updates? maybe try the good ol’ save and verify as well?

It looks like a :bug: to me.

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It does allow adds and updates and just tried the save&verify, but it did not make any changes. This wouldn’t be affected by the fact that I use an expression in the table update section?

This is my expression:

Hmm, is the mail you’re using to preview your app allowed to make adds and updates according to that expression?

Running in Preview mode under the creator account (which is Admin I thought), so technically shouldn’t it show up?

I see, i didn’t notice you’re using the userrole(), i thought you were using just an user table, it should be admin then, have you contacted support about this?

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I have not yet. I guess my question in part was posed to figure out whether I need to.

I have no explanation for this, myself. I agree with @Rafael_ANEIC-PY try Please let us know what comes of it!


@Steve and @Rafael_ANEIC-PY Ok so I made at least some progress on this and considering settings and the type of action this is I think to some degree this makes sense.

As outlined in the pic below, the ‘import CSV’ is ‘not a row-level action’ but to display actions in the header of the detail view ‘Display prominently’ needs to be checked. So since this is not a row level action, Appsheet will automatically hide it from the detail view, but it would also not show under the table view because it is not a ‘bulk’ action so it would not appear in the app header either. So changing to ‘display overlay’ it will now in fact show as an overlay action in my table view. In my mind this explanation makes sense, but let me know if you guys have any other thoughts on this?

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Oh, yeah! Yes, you are correct! I haven’t used the CSV import action, so I’m not familiar with the details. Yes, an action labeled “not a row-level action” does not work from a detail view. Good catch!

Thanks for confirming, I thought I was loosing it. Especially since it showed the action before saving the new app definition and then it would disappear.

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That’s probably a bug.