Import images/pdfs and OCR

Is there a way, perhaps with the new automation tools to upload a bunch of files(Import) and then have the app run an OCR on each image/pdf to get data from it?

My scenario is this:
I have alot of pdfs of previous inspections that are not digitized, i want to add those past inspections to my database, right now someone has to take a picture of each pdf manualy and save it in order to capture data. As i may have up to 1000 or more older inspections it may prove to be not worth the work time to do so.

Hi Ami,

We have a new feature to allow upload of documents (currently we support Invoice, Receipts, and W9 forms) as a Drive folder, and we will process and extract the data from these documents into a table. For the inspection pdfs you mentioned, this new feature may not be helpful as inspection documents aren’t a type of document that we can support at this time. However, we will be looking into expanding the features of our Document Solution and appreciate you sharing this use case with us. We will keep you updated as new features are rolled out.


Thank you for the reply. I will check it out.

Let me know if you have any questions

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Ami, if you need a custom OCR model to be used (and not one of the prebuilt ones Yanjin mentions) we will be adding this support to the automation soon. Will update this thread once it is ready.