Import Known image to App Folder

Is this possible…
I need some way to import a known image, the filename will never change or the location, into a new row when a new record is created. I realise if this was possible it would have to be a series of actions, but I don’t know where to start. This is linked to a previous question and I’ve been thinking of this since I posted the last question.

I tried the usual Initial Value which will show the image and allow me to annotate over it but the underlying Initial Image isn’t saved only the annotation, but if I select an image from any source, annotate it, the whole thing is saved. So my thoughts are to import a known image every time I create a new record, so if the image is available (not as a URL) then I should be in a posiyion to select that, annotate it and save the whole marked image.

is this doable ?