Import Product list in csv format to appsheet

I am making an app for Inventory Managent. There are arround 2000 Products which needs to be added to appsheet. Its not practicle to add one by one to appsheet. I have all 2000 Products in Excel/csv format.

How can I import these in Appsheet?

Open the CSV file with Google Spreadsheet and use that sheet to create an AppSheet app.

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:slight_smile: Yes I know that. The point is the app is already created.
One option is to copy paste the product list to the Appsheet Excel but it doesnt work.

If you have the csv opened as excel or gsheet format you can add it to your app as a table.

Hi @tatiya
What do you mean by “it doesn’t work” You should be able to do that.


I’ve gone down roads like this before, here’s my workflow:

  • Copy and paste all the data into the appropriate spreadsheet
    • making sure to put each column’s value into the correct column, skipping one’s that don’t have values, etc.
  • Inside the app, implement a quick update system and use that to recalculate any app formulas that might be missing from the imported data.

One thing to check is that the column marked as the KEY for the table in AppSheet needs to have unique values in the table - but since we’re talking about products, there’s likely some unique product code already included in the data.

  • I’m just pointing out that sometimes the data you try and import won’t have a key value; when that happens, AppSheet can’t see the records - it’s like there not there.

Here’s a post I just made about how to implement the quick update system I mentioned above:


Why couldn’t you utilize the Import CSV feature?

Did you even search for this? It was the first thing that popped up.

This might help with finding answers: