IMPORTANT: Final transition (Editor UI) from Workflows to Bots beginning Nov 11th, 2021

Hello everyone!

In April we announced we’re upgrading workflows and reports to our more powerful Bot automation system, and gave a general timeframe of June 2021 for the complete transition to the new system. Since then, we’ve enabled existing workflows and reports to run on the new automation engine and they’ve been doing so for 4 months now. That helped ensure we have complete feature parity.

In the meantime, we have continued to support editing of existing workflows in the same original UI. We are now ready to show these workflows as Bots in the UI.

Beginning Nov 11th, 2021, we will gradually migrate all remaining workflows to show up as Bots over a period of weeks. As your workflows are upgraded, the current “Workflow” and “Reports” sections will be empty with a dialog notifying users about the transition. Once all of the workflows (for all app creators) are upgraded, we will remove these sections from the UI. Again, this migration will not impact how your workflows/bots run. Only their visual representation in the Editor changes.

We’ve put answers to some common questions below, and would be happy to answer any additional questions here. Thanks in advance.

-The AppSheet Team

Answers to common questions:

Why are you removing the old workflows?

The Automation engine we released earlier this year is designed to offer all of the capabilities of the current system, as well as expand in the future to richer and more sophisticated jobs. By removing the old system, we reduce the possibility of user confusion of having multiple systems, as well as simplifying the maintenance of the overall AppSheet Platform.

When will my workflows be upgraded? Can I request to be upgraded at a particular date and time?

We will gradually upgrade applications, monitoring continuously to ensure no problems arise. The nature of this gradual rollout makes it impossible to predict when exactly your apps will be upgraded. However, if you want to accelerate the process or be in control (ie make the change, test everything works fine, revert if necessary), you can manually upgrade your existing workflows and reports to bots in the UI - otherwise, no action is required on your part. You can upgrade each bot individually or all bots of your app at once.

And to upgrade all workflows and reports of an app at once:

What if I find a problem with an upgraded Bot?

Please report it to us through normal support channels and we will investigate. You can revert to your original workflow by reverting to the previous version of your app. We do ask however you contact us if you find an issue, otherwise it’ll happen again when we get to upgrading the workflows in your application.

We will also post in this thread when all workflows have been upgraded and the process is completed.


Hi! It looks like my workflow has been converted to a bot. That’s fine but I got a new warning:

Screen Shot 2021-11-06 at 22.07.24

I don’t have a bot that sends email so I think it would be nice if the warning message generator could look to see if the bot was set up to send e-mail and, if not, refrain from generating an meaningless warning. I prefer to have an app that is free of warnings, if possible.

Also, I was just searching this forum for “bot” and I found that posts that have the word “bottom” get picked up. Next time I’ll try searching for “bots” but I wonder if something can be done on your side to make “bot” pickup “bots” but not “bottom.” Some people may post about trouble they are having with a “bot” (singular) so, if they’ve forgotten to use the “animation” tag, it may be necessary to search for such posts with the word “bot.” In such a case, conflation of “bot” with “bottom” may be a major problem. Thanks!


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Thanks Steve!

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What a nitpicker :rofl:

Hi @Kirk_Masden You can search for "bot " (with space)


Thank you! Thank you! I’m very glad to learn this trick!

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