IMPORTANT: You won't be able to create new Workflow rules / reports starting May 10, 2021

Hi everyone!

Last week we had shared some key updates regarding Workflow rules / reports when we announced Automation GA. Bots are the new way of configuring workflow rules / reports.

We heard you and have made adjustments to provide additional time to familiarize yourself with the new automation capabilities.

Going forward, the transition from workflow rules / reports to bots is planned in these two phases:

Phase 1: No new workflows rules / reports

Starting May 10th, 2021 you won’t be able to create new workflow rules / reports, please leverage bots for those use cases. You will still be able to access and modify your existing workflow rules/reports.

Phase 2: Auto migration of workflow rules / reports

This phase is expected to start in June 2021 and could last for a few weeks. During this time period we will auto-migrate your workflow rules / reports in a rollout fashion - no user action is needed. You will be notified when your workflow rules / reports have been completely migrated.

Our goal is to provide richer capabilities through a super-set of workflow rules and reports to help save each of you time in your application and automation development process. Please continue to provide feedback here in the community.

Thank you again for being part of our journey. We couldn’t do this without you.


The AppSheet team


Appreciate the extra time and communication around this transition.



I have a question about prototypes with bots, will they work in full extent for the test phase?

Thank you

Can you elaborate what you mean by “prototypes” with bots?


This may not be a relevant topic.

Currently, in the case of Automation, I can see that emails are sent in the prototype app.
In the case of Workflow, the prototype app did not send emails to anyone but the app creator.

I wonder if Automation will continue to be able to send emails even for prototypes in the future: …:thinking:


@Dan_Bahir FYI

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This is a risk to us to get a mess while we build and test new or existing apps to implement new bot. Even the app is under prototype (not being deployed) , we run the test (not through test button but by immidated data change even for testing purpose) will fully run the bot, and send email to everyone…



Thanks for following up on my question.

It may have already been discussed, but I’d appreciate it if you could share if it’s a Bug or not.

I still think that the Prototype App should be changed to not send emails to anyone but the app creator, as it will greatly affect the speed of development if we have to be careful about sending unintended emails when we develop the app.

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Having a prototype behave as production completely obviates the value of a prototype. This behavior is bad.

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I just want to confirm that our existing workflows will be migrating by Appsheet and I do not need to do anything. Is this correct?

This is for workflows that generate emails as well? I saw something in another post about emails and wasn’t clear if this would impact our apps.