Improve Data Locale - WEEKNUM

Hi all,

Due to European system of week numbering (ISO 8601), there is a mismatch between:

  • what is provided by WEEKNUM(TODAY()) in AppSheet
  • what is provided by WEEKNUM(TODAY(), 21) as performed in Sheets, (Europe).

It would be nice, either, to:

  • have an optional parameter such as there:
    WEEKNUM - Docs Editors Help
  • take data locale into consideration for week numbering, as it is for numbers formatting and other elements (my favorite though)

Many thanks for your consideration and vote :slight_smile:

Hi Aurelien,

We recently added the function ISOWEEKNUM which returns the ISO week number.

Let me know if that addresses your concern!


I saw that, and really appreciate it ! I will use it.
Thank you very much for that, and for grabbing my attention on it as well๐Ÿ‘