Improve search by keywords, scroll up and down on table view performance


Recently, I received a strong claims from my App user and clients who say the Appsheet generic keywords search function is dead slow. In addition, the responsiveness of app is also dead slow when they are playing around the long list of table view, scrolling up and down with mouse scroll button. There is always delay in response to the mouse control.

I had to admit yes it is (was), so have been consulting with Appsheet team and learn some tips and also I found my own way to make it better as well.

First, when we have bunch of long set of “rows” in table, as well as long list of column, it generally slow down the speed when we place the adhoc keywords to search the entire table view (or other view, such as deck or whatsoever). I learned this is because it is possible I set numerous number of field on the table to “Searchable”. Yes it was. I was making some fields “searchable” with field setting, “not necessarily”.
It was easy fix. I make some fields “not searchable”. Obviously improved the performance of keyword search. It makes sense.

So Appsheet best practise should be “Minimise the number of searchable fields as little as possible”

Second issue. Scrolling down on the table view with mouse control, yes it is slow sometime, especially we have number of rows in the table. I m still trying to find a solutions in this.
I “inspected” the Appshee HTML, and it looks like Appsheet is always remove/add “DOM” for the list items when we scroll up and down in the table view (should be with other list view as well) My suspection this Appsheet native nature might slow down the responsiveness of showing new rows and hiding rows when we scroll up and down on the list view such as table.
I simply changed the PC “mouse” setting on my computer. Scroll single row onto “5 rows/lines” seems to best fit to reduce the frastration.

I noticed those functions perform far better on mobile phone, rather than browser on PC. I assume because of the technology behind the scene.

So this tips is just for the usage of app in PC.


Thanks for the tips. I added a note to set all fields to Not Searchable, unless there is a specific reason to include them in built in searches.

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