Improve the performance and reliability of Assistance features

Assistance feature, enabling the users to use natural language to search the information within the app, has been deployed for a year now, if i m correct, but I have not been using the same on the production level due to the performance issue and also reliability as well.

See my other post.

We wish this feature to respond much faster against the request for search, as well as improve the reliability. It may work perfect for simple and easy app, but we, as Appsheet app creators with years of experiences, the Apps get more complicated, where the Assistance feature not always returns the contets we want.

Thank you for consideration.


Absolutely agree; in the thread Tsuji linked above, I talk about having doctors for clients and they would LOVE this type of interface with an app.

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It seems that one of the big issues I remember is that it searches based on the column name and/or static display names… However, if the display name is an expression, it won’t search those…

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I actually want to know the basic algorithm a bit in terms of how their search engine will work… Will be replaced with Google search engine? haha. :blush:

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