Improve the speed of sync questions

Hi, I’m trying to improve the speed of sync of my app. I found this article:

It says that I can move read-only tables to his own workbook to improve the speed of sync. I have 3 read-only tables.

My question is:

Should I move them all to one workbook or should I create one workbook for each of them to improve the performance of the app?

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

@juanpa ,

if I understood your question correctly, My answer is: Yes you have to place your read-only tables in one workbook to reduce the amount of data transferred then you will improve sync performance.
here’s how to do it:

I have the same question. Maybe @Suvrutt_Gurjar knows the answer? :thinking:

My usual approach is one workbook with all the read only tables , if there are no security filters set for those tables.

Delta sync and Server caching enabled

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Hi @OptimiX_XcrY Thank you. And what if you have security filter set for those tables?

Hi @Fabian ,

Sorry for not responding earlier. I am also obviously a student of this deep sync performance improvement measures subject. :slight_smile:

However, I concur with @OptimiX_XcrY suggestion, and the below AppSheet article also “generally” recommends the same approach.

“Generally” because the article mentions that the best case scenario could differ from app to app.

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Security filters disables delta sync, so the table rows will be read every time from scratch, increasing the sync time.

This is why if I have no security concerns, I prefer to have no security filters applied, but I create a slice for the end user with the desired rows.

But it is still best to have all read only tables in one workbook… Think of it as in real life, if you have to open a few workbooks it takes some time to open each, if you have to open one workbook with a few sheets, you only have to wait once for it to open


Thank you very much @Suvrutt_Gurjar and @OptimiX_XcrY

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