Improve UI and experience for scanner service on i Phone

The user experiences for scanning action on mobil phone is currently different between Android and I Phone.

See the screenshots.

[Those two are from Android]

[This one from I Phone]

As we see, on the Android, there is focus which assist us to scan the target code. Furthermore, nicely we have option to change the focus pointer, either wide or narrow. :+1:

However, on I phone , we don’t have those features, just flip the camera fron or back. This make us difficult to scan the target code, especially we have mutlple codes in the vicinity for the target product surface to scan…

I just simply want to get the exactly same features as Android over i Phone app.

Thank you.



Below is what I see on an iPhone when the barcode scanner is activated.

However, the targeting square doesn’t seem to be used at all. As soon as any barcode comes into view of the camera, it is picked up and scanned. When several barcodes/qr codes are together, there is no control over which is selected.

An indicator does outline the scanned code but everything happens so quickly that it is almost impossible to tell which of the codes it actually picked up.

Thanks for flagging this.