Improved Localization

We are in the initiation phase of developing a range of multinational apps and it is crusial for us that we can easily extend with new Locales and Languages.

Current model with multiple switch statements and lookups is too cumbersome to be agile and too complex for a no-code platform.

To help us and all other companies supporting software globalisation I suggest the following:

  • Data sources that can be updated outside Appsheet e.g. through automated translation using Google Translate or other automated translation services. Simple sheets with one column and one column per

  • A more standardised way of reading texts by from the data source e.g. GetTranslation(, )


Display Name = GetTranslation (PHARM, EN) => Pharmacy
Display Name = GetTranslation (PHARM, DE) => Apotheke
Display Name = GetTranslation (SANTA, DA) => Julemand
Display Name = GetTranslation (SANTA, DE) => Weihnachtsmann


Ole Erecius

The easiest way how you can do this at this moment…
#1 - Create a table where the key is the language name like “ENG” and all other values you want to translate are columns.
#2 - Create a option in Usersettings where the Enum field shows all languages from your language table.
#3 - Then you can use a formula like LOOKUP(USERSETTINGS(Language),Languages,Language,Santa)

Another way…
#1 - Add a virtual column into your table with the formula like USERSETTINGS(Language) and you set it as Ref field
#2 - You can call your wordings with the Deref expression like [Language].[Santa]