Improvement In Sync - Needs to be Robust

The underlying problem is that Sync is not robust enough. Any error on a record seems to block other Syncs in the queue.

Rows with Sync Errors should be skipped to allow the good records to be synced, then you can just reset the bad record, rather than losing a whole lot of rows in the sync queue.

Yes please

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@APiCC_Conor Agreed.

Anyone else thinks this would be a VAST improvement and save a lot of headaches?

Simple error trapping on sync would do it, leaving bad record till the end of the queue.


I strongly agree with this, I am experiencing this data loss especially when there are errors in enum columns.

What if my second sync requires the first sync to be good in order to be accurate?

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Maybe something like an improvement to the recovery files would be a nice addition, maybe a method to upload the recovery file that is created to add those lost actions would be a good solution to make it less annoying.

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Any bad record waiting to be synced stops EVERYTHING in the queue!

I think all round it is better to let most syncs carry on (at worse you may get orphan but not a catestrophic loss of data)

Why not have Appsheet warn the user when a sync fails so they can discard it as soon as possible?

As I have said before, if you are Offline on a mobile device you could lose days and days of data due to one record being wrong.

This makes it unfeasible to use offline. I think @App_Sheet need to seriously look at the way SYNC currently works.

that’s why I said make the recovery file better so you can just upload that days of data afterwards. For me it would be catastrophic to have users continuing to make changes without their first change going through.

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I think that what we really need is more control over sync options. Some apps/syncs would benefit from being able to bypass one failure, while others require everything to happen sequentially. I wish that we had a way to see attempted syncs that are failing and then edit the data to allow them through.

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