Improvement proposal for virtual columns

Dear Experts,

Just a thought. For the benefit of the source database in terms of size and normalization, wouldn’t be helpful to have such options in VCs?

  • Calculate once, at row creation
  • Calculate only when the row is edited
  • Calculate always

I think this would be the optimal solution, instead of currently sacrificing database health and size for performance, which is a pity ironically because database size will also have its own impact on performance, though less.

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You are correct. there have been a number of Feature Requests surrounding these ideas.


Thanks much! Though I didn’t find an exact similar request, I upvoted the last one by @MultiTech_Visions

I just wanted to highlight for you and anyone reading, that there are similar requests so maybe a solution that satisfies ALL wishes can be achieved - the first time! :slight_smile:


I fully understand and I do much appreciate your reply :tulip: Sorry for not making this clear :worried:

I was thinking the exact same thing, maybe we could have a solution to the satisfaction of all of us. I actually mentioned MultiTech to see whether he’d be interested in incorporating my request into his.