Improvements to Data/Columns in editor

Improvement 1)

it seems like we should be able to order virtual columns at the root level, this along with controlling the ordering in the source sheets should remove the need for ordering in slices.

Improvement 2)
allow copying of virtual columns, would save a lot of time in some cases not having to re-enter sometimes complicated stuff with copy paste which is also error prone

Improvement 2+)
allow copying a virtual column to another table, have a one-time destination table setting defaulting to the current table in the copy dialog

Improvement 3)
Allow resizing of the columns

Improvement 4)
The “Type” column wastes horz real estate

Improvement 5 - N) → other ideas?

to me the order of priorities for these improvements would be 2, 1, 3, 4

You do control the ordering in the sheets? I do very much agree with ordering virtual columns. As my apps features expand my VCs just get into a jumbled mess and its hard to find the VC I need to edit.

Key word:some cases. Can’t say I would have ever used this and I don’t feel like copy and paste is error prone. It’s ctrl+A ctrl+C.

I assume you mean resizing in the editor? Ya agreed that they do feel slightly too large sometimes since 99% of the time you need to click into them anyway if its a formula field.

This is just a terrible idea? Type is an attribute that is almost always wrong and needs to be adjusted pretty often when setting up tables. Even after setting up tables you may need to change the type from text to a specific text type, phone to number/decimal, number to decimal, etc.

I find that I copy paste wrong src or wrong dst sometime, its not the text that has an error, it is the copying action clicking/choosing.

To clarify about Type real estate, it should still be shown, I see unecessary white space and it could be narrower allowing for more horz space, minor thing.