Improving my Covid-19 App - (Please Review and Comment)

Dear Team,

Good to be part of the family here. i have just designed an app to give information on Covid-19 negetive PCR test requirement per country for travelers.

I would like you to scan through and guide on how i can best automate the information and also improve the app value.

here is the link to the app:

i have only cover for some African countries, but with support of vonlontiers/automation we can cover more countries.


Nice one @Mutiu_Olawale_TIJANI, this seems like it would be an extremely helpful resource if I were traveling internationally.

In regards to what you can do to improve - not sure there is much to be done. Your app is pretty straight-forward, it’s not confusing about what information is being displayed to me, it’s easy to navigate and use.

I would only add the following:

  • if you’re going to allow the public to enter data, you might want to consider a review process of that info.
    • This can be achieved by adding a column into the table:
      • Name: Status
      • Show If: hidden except to you (or other approved emails)
      • Type: Enum (Pending, Approved)
      • Initial Value: “Pending”

Then instead of showing everything, show a slice of only the Approved entries.

You’ll need to include a way for you to view the Pending entries, and a way to approve them, but that’s the only real addition I would suggest.

Well Done partyparrot (Appsheet)


Thanks a lot @MultiTech_Visions. I have just added that slice but i do not get the setting. can you check and be a bit clearer.

I did, “Add Virtual Column”

i am unable to approve or reject a line.

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@Mutiu_Olawale_TIJANI Virtual columns are for calculations, physical columns are needed if you want to store data.

You’ll have to add the column into your table:


@MultiTech_Visions Thank you for the information. I got it but sorry I couldn’t fine how to exempt myself (

Show if: Status = Approved, except to

I need the fomular

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You can call the email of the person that’s using your app with USEREMAIL(), then you can check to see if that email is inside an approved list.

in(USEREMAIL(), LIST(“”, etc.))

This might also be helpful



Thanks a lot

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