In a CHATBOT,, When someone type or write... ...

(Marlon Xavier Medina Cisneros) #1

In a CHATBOT, When someone type or write… how do I respond?

Sorry i am not so claer about CAHATBOT

(Grant Stead) #2

You don’t, they are interacting with a program. However, I am curious if there is some way to dump out of it, and talk to a person in FB?

(Marlon Xavier Medina Cisneros) #3

mm ok thanks… but do i am notificated about it?

(Grant Stead) #4

+Javier Coronel I haven’t personally played with the chatbot bit it’s like any appsheet app, so yes, I’m certain you can be notified when action has been taken.

(Marlon Xavier Medina Cisneros) #5

Ok Mr, thank you