In a Deck View increase the number of Action icons that can be displayed in the Icon bar

I would like to request that the number of Action Icons made visible in the Icon Bar of the Deck View be increased to allow however many the available white can accommodate.

Currently, there as limit on the number Action icons that can be shown in the Icon bar of a Deck View. But the limit falls short of the space available. In the smallest Form Factor, 5 is the Max but it seems that 3 additional Icons could be displayed. Other Form Factors have similar limitations.

Emulator shows smallest form Factor - Only 5 Actions displayed. Note extra white space

Detail View shows 6 Actions available.

This becomes even more problematic in Map views on mobile devices where additional Action Icons make sense to be available such as Driving Directions, Phone Call and Text icons.

Only 1 of 6 custom Actions from above is shown. Note the extra white space


Impact to Browser Views

There is an impact to Browser views as well.

With the bigger screen size it makes sense to create Dashboards to collate views together. However, even though resizing of Deck Views allows more Action Icons to be seen, the jump from one size to the next can take up more valuable screen real estate better used in other views.

Dashboard with maybe an ideal layout but can only see 5 of see Actions on the Deck view

Expanded Deck View to see all 6 Actions but now Map views must be much smaller.

Yes other layouts could be utilized. The point of the Browser view samples above is that if more Action Icons were allowed to be shown in the Icon Bar of the Deck View, a developer could keep the smaller width of the view.


I’m not sure of the reason why the allowed number of Icons in the Icon bar falls short of the available space except maybe its for UI appearances - look and feel? If so, I feel this is something developers should control themselves rather than be enforced by the UI.

Please enhance the Deck View to make full use of the Icon Bar white space and allow as many Action Icons to be shown as the space can accommodate.

An important Side Note

When there are more Action Icons than the view will show, there is not much developer control over which ones are shown. The Feature Request below goes into more detail and is an important second need to this one.

This is very useful. I spent too much time to understand why an Action would not appear in Deck View. Until I finally understood that there is a limit.
Even when you use Format Rule to give them a smaller size.
This limit seems to be increased now to 6 Actions. But still there could be more.

@praveen you should at least inform us in the Editor with something like this:


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I understand that there is a limit to 6 actions when we use an image.

But we should be able to see more actions when there is no image.


Very good observation that I missed! That is likely a limit of the smaller form factor phones still on the market. Many of the larger phones and tablets can show more than 6 even with the image.

Bottom line is that number shown should be limited by the amount of available space. Contributing factors are basically the 1) the view width - which can be affected by device screen size, dashboard panel width, or browser window width. 2) Possible presentation of an image - i.e. space reserved based on view design (developer implements that an image is to be used) whether or not the image is actually shown.

And let’s not forget that there needs to be some developer control over which icons are shown in cases when not all of them can be shown - i.e. a precedence order of some sort.

@Aleksi what do you think - maybe it would be a simple change in the code to allow more Actions when there is no image in deck view? Could you beg for us? :sweat_smile: