In a Table View, setting a 'Group by' column removes column from the "grid". Explicity setting it into Column Order should override that

As seen in the screenshot, I’ve set the [text] column as the ‘Group by’ column. Default behavior in this case is that this column does not get displayed in the table grid, but instead shows as a header for a set of rows.

My request is that under the above circumstance, if you also explicitly add that column into the ‘Column order’ section, then the column should again, and redundantly, appear in the table grid.

I think you used to be able to do that. I would vote but I dont have any left.

I’m still wanting this. I assume this would also fix the missing column headers brought about by using LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW().

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I ran into another situation today where I’d like this functionality.

Just out of interest, whats the rational behind this?

Once the user navigates into the “sub-view” (for lack of better term), whether this is from a multi-level Group-by or a LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW, the column that was filtered/grouped by is now impossible to show in the “sub-view”.


The only way I can think to hack this would be to have two columns with the same data. One for the grouping and the other the colun in the sub-view

Yep, same.

I feel like since a virtual column that just copies the data doesn’t add a ton of complexity or time, that there is basically no hope for this feature?