In-App Messaging w/AppSheet

I have once promised to deploy how in-app messaging can be done within an AppSheet app. For a long time I couldn’t be able to find some free time to build the app, but here it’s for your review and use. I’m still playing with the app build to fine tune it, so you might experience possible bugs or non-working parts in between my tweakings. The app is using slices as per USEREMAIL(), so in order to test the functionality, please add yourself as a USER first. Hope you like it :hugs:


  • Create an in-app message
  • Reply/Reply All an in-app messsage
  • Delete/Archieve an in-app message
  • Empty trash can (delete all messages)
  • Push notification when an in-app message send&received (set but disabled in demo)
  • Some Format Rules applied for better UI
  • Mailbox menu icon shows unread message count
  • Mailbox contains Inbox, Sent Items, Drafts, Deleted Items and Archieve “folders
  • Sub-folders can be created under Inbox and Sent Items (seperate and specific to each app user)
  • Message Rules can be created up-to a certain extent (active for Incoming Messages right now, but Outgoing is in the oven :hugs:)
  • Inbox is designed as “grouped thread” in Deck View
  • Inbox messages and associated sub-folders shows unread count
  • Inbox > RowSelected: Show Thread | Left Swipe: Delete | Right Swipe: Mark as Read



@LeventK strikes again!
Beautiful app!

For anyone having trouble finding his portfolio of sample apps.


Thanks @Grant_Stead, still tweaking it. Too many ideas, too many tweaks in mind as usual :hugs:

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Awesome, thanks @LeventK

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Great work, @LeventK! This is awesome. Nice icon set, too.

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Hi there seems to be a problem with the CC and BCC emails valid ifs. Just letting you know. errorcloningAppLK

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Thanks for the info @Lynn, I will look into it. The expression seems working fine within the app though but may be there’s been an obstruction since AppSheet had developed that reference circulation checks. I’ll be on it, thnx again.

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Thanks for your appreciation @GreenFlux

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Neat, visually appealing and creative app as usual @LeventK

Thank you very much.

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The best is interactive dashboards for this… Are we allowed to make feature requests? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Suvrutt_Gurjar Thanks for your appreciation my friend.
@Grant_Stead You’re always allowed to request feature sets bud :wink:


@Martin_Pace and @Micah_Cole Check out this entire in-app messaging platform that my buddy made!

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Very nice!

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A couple of days ago we were discussing with @Bellave_Jayaram that we need a marketing manager in ABLE3 :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Thanks @Steve, appreciate your input.

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Well, you know I always have my pom poms up for y’all!

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That’s a Great App. Amazing functionality.

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Fiz uma copia do aplicativo, apresenta erro anexo.
Mesmo assim vou tentar resolver.

Edvaldo Evangelista