In-App Weather Report using Text/Emojis ⛅️

I found a free weather tool on GitHub that returns weather reports in various formats, including plain text with emojis for cloud conditions.

The service is free and can be integrated using IMPORTDATA() in Google Sheets.

Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 10.19.06 AM

-Returns plain text that can be displayed/formatted in AppSheet

Tallahassee: ⛅️ +80°F

There are lots of other formats that could be used:

Supported output formats and views currently supports five output formats:

* ANSI for the terminal;
* Plain-text for the terminal and scripts;
* HTML for the browser;
* PNG for the graphical viewers;
* JSON for scripts and APIs;
* Prometheus metrics for scripts and APIs.

Note: I recommend avoiding sheet formulas in general, but there aren’t many options for weather data without advanced API integrations.

This is a much easier alternative so I thought I’d through it out there.


Holy crap that’s cool

@Micah_Cole ha, check it!
Nice find @GreenFlux!

Thanks @GreenFlux this is cool.

We are using Integromat to get the actual weather, based on the GPS position.

After adding a row in AppSheet it sends a webhook to Integromat.
Integromat sends a HTTP back to AppSheet.

I then made a SelfRef and built an inline deck view.