In cloud-service integrations, provide a way to response a POST request

Currently, the responses that we can get from the cloud-service integrations are limited to add, delete, edit, find and a data change action. See Invoking the API

However, if a cloud service we are using required a response to be in a particular format, there’s no way we can format the response. (If that can be done, please let me know)

My suggestion is to add two features in which

  1. similar to Workflow’s save file feature, we can provide a JSON template to format the response body
  2. ability to trigger an action directly (similar to triggering data change action) from which the response will be formatted according to the JSON template provided

That feature will provide a lot of flexibility on how AppSheet can communicate with other cloud services.

We can use another cloud service to reformat the return JSON data to the format that we like but this will just add another potential point of failure and it will be harder to debug.


Hi @Peter, please make it happen. It will be a killer feature :blush: