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Hello, I am new on the community but my company uses AppSheet a lot.

Sorry if this is not posted in the right category, and feel free to correct me… I don’t quite understand how to create a new subject of my own…

We actually have an issue:
Sharing DB from an online platform (SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive), using flat files (excel, csv etc) was working for some time. But as our DBs grow, it is becoming slow and buggy.

I want to migrate all of our apps to a POSTGRESQL server, I’ve read that it can be done, but my issue remains with Pictures… Can AppSheet manage BLOB or some other kind of in-DB photo storage?


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When using SQL, AppSheet only supports AWS S3 for image storage. However, as AppSheet is acquired by Google Cloud by now, I believe Google Cloud bucket might be integrated in the near future as well but I cannot mention any timeline for that as I’m not from AppSheet dev team.


Thanks for the fast response.
That still is a kind of file server… Will AppSheet one day accept Large Binaries or BLOB ?
For images smaller than 1Mb, it is most of the time the fastest solution when searching through DB…

There is no reason to believe S3, as “a kind of file server”, would be slower than a Postgres server.

Ok thank you… I am not familiar yet with S3, but we started looking at this solution for media sharing only a few days ago… It might just do it then!

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