In Deck View, allow complete referenced row as the Secondary Header


Deck views are a bit limited in the initial information they allow shown. On larger screens, the large amount of white space is inefficient. However, Deck View are extremely useful by allowing the action buttons on the primary view. To help fill in the Secondary Header space with additional helpful info, I find myself frequently creating concatenated fields. On large tablets and desktops, concatenation is not feasible when attempting to make use of the ample white space.

I suggest nesting a table view row into the Deck View as the Secondary Header - basically wrap the deck view around a table view row. Then allow users to select visible columns just like in a table view. Add the feature to show/hide a column header row at the top (only the top of screen) and you now have a capability that still supports the current Deck View but is extended to provide more useful data and will look more professional on larger screens.

I was just thinking about something similar myself. In my case, I want the functionality of both the table view headers (reordering with a tab) and actions in deck view (access to actions without going into the detail view). I wonder if there’s a way to get both.

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