In editor, can you filter by UX view type?

Like can I see ONLY Deck views? If so, how?

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I dont think so, but if you are on windows, hit Control + F, then you put “deck” to search the deck view on your appsheet editor. That s probably only one way to find the deck views … or whatever you want to find


Thanks for the work around. Command F works on the Mac. Not as good as a filter but better than nothing. Appreciate the tip.

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Just a side note to add to this, as you probably know views have there little sub sections but REF views are sorted alphabetically with TABLES first then SLICES after and if a table has no data-source(dashboards or a view from a table you deleted) they are at the very bottom.
Also a bit more work to maintain and a bit of a hassle but if you name your views with the viewtype, ie Deck_Main_View, you can use the search view feature. Would be nice if this feature natively searched viewtype as well.


Great idea about the naming pattern. I will definitely keep that in mind for my next project. I’d probably have nightmares if I tried to switch to that at this stage of my development cycle.