IN() Expression help

I have 2 tables connected by [Order ID]. The Order Requests table (Parent), and the Order Request Details table (Child). I need to write an expression in a behavior action in the Child table to only be visible based on a value in the parent table. The parent table column is [Order Status] which needs to be =“Order Received” in order for the action in the Child table to be visible. [Order Status] in the parent table is a list. I’m having trouble trying to write an expression for this, please can someone help?

For the If this condition is true property of the action, try:

 "Order Received",
 [Order ID].[Order Status]

Thanks for your help, but that did not work. I’m getting Parameter 2 of function IN is of the wrong type? Looks like I may have something wrong on the last part?
IN(“Order Received”,Order Requests[Order Status])
This seems to be close but then when another record is created and has the same value “Order Received” the action becomes visible again on all records?

You said the Order Status column value is a list, but the error you got says otherwise. Try this instead:

 ISNOTBLANK([Order ID].[Order Status]),
 ([Order ID].[Order Status] = "Order Received")

Thanks for your help, that seems to have worked for me, Antony

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