In Map View, when dragging screen, some pins, fully in screen view, either disappear or appear

I have a Map View showing location of Customers. In the initial view I’ll see a set of pins centered on the screen. But if drag the screen just a little, I’ll see some pins disappear that should stay visible while other pins appear that should have been showing initially.

If I continue dragging screen (upward in this case), even though some pins still drop/appear, most pins stay visible as expected until reach the edge of screen/view.

View Showing Pins - Circles indicate area of pin about to change

Slight drag - Top pin disappears while a pin at bottom appears

Continue dragging upward - most pins continue to stay visible


I believe there’s a limit on the number of pins that can be shown at a time. Based on that belief, I suspect you’ve reached the limit and the app is hiding some pins to show others.

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You are correct! I had been scanning through options and changed the pin limit from 200 to 20. Increasing it again corrects it.

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