In my app I capture an image (receipt for ser...

(Harrison Diep) #1

In my app I capture an image (receipt for service from a specific CUSTOMER) that propagates an URL link. I would like that URL in the spreadsheet to contain the name of the “CUSTOMER” so I can easily sort or search that image for that particular CUSTOMER.

Or is there a way that the image can be automatically go into a SPECIFIC CUSTOMER FOLDER?

I.E. Snap pic of Taco Bell receipt I want URL to include Taco Bell so I can drop/drag and send to a folder that holds all Taco Bell receipts. Or have app sheet somehow house that entire ROW (ENTRY of receipt info) into the Taco Bell folder and the same would be if I had a Starbucks receipt goes into its respective Starbucks folder?


(Altaf Ansari) #2