In my app I want to add a column for all the ...

(Shivaprakash TS) #1

In my app I want to add a column for all the new users to capture his details such as Cluster (Contains 10-15 towns) the details must capture in a new column and rest other things are same for all the users. But the user must has the access to only his data and the enum should show only his towns and cluster. The expressions for other tables must read the details for a particular user from a particular column. How to do this?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Hi @Shivaprakash_TS, you should be adding a new row for each user rather than a new column.

Then use mechanisms like security filters to show each user only the rows that match their email address.

(Shivaprakash TS) #3

@praveen Dear Praveen Ji, New row for the user is fine, but in that row but in that row user will add his “cluster”, “towns” and transaction type.

What I want in the table is

Cluster is created from my end, whereas towns must be added by the user to his respective cluster. When is choose the cluster there should be a enum list of towns to opt.

When he choose a town there should be another column show the type of transaction. Ie. “Sale” or “transfer”. And there should be a default transaction type “recieved”

When it is sale it is only confined to that town, but when he choose transfer, it should show the list of towns from which town to which town transfer has to happen.

Please suggest me how to do this.