In my inventory/product ordering app, is it p...

(Stephen Mattison) #1

In my inventory/product ordering app, is it possible to add a Product to an Order directly from the Products_Details view, or Products Deck View?

I’d like User to be able to browse Products and add them to their Order directly from there, the Products table, rather than opening the Orders, then Add and Order Detail then going through all the De-Refs to find that Product.

It looks like I could do this with an Action like “Go to another view in this app”, or “Copy this row and edit the copy”, or

“Grouped execute a series of actions”


(Grant Stead) #2

I would think you would have an orders table, and a child table with the order line items… And basically a quick linktoform action that populates the child order record without the parent order… Strip back the view to just show the product name and maybe a quantity pre populated with 1, then the save button feels like a confirmation… And hopefully your could have some creative way of dumping the user back where they were… (Easy if doing it from the detail view… Cause you would just have another action that takes them to that referenced product id.)

Then as they are adding products you would have a slice that shows items added by that user and without confirmed order on the child order products table… And the cart would show all of those items… (You could even make the cart name equal to the current count concatenated with “cart”)

Then the magic happens, while reviewing their cart, where there would be +, -, and x actions to change the quantity… They then can click an action on the table, I would call it checkout…

It would linktoform to create an order. Showing them their list of products, and a total… Then they can click another action “finalize” with a confirmation. This officially ties the children to their open order… And locks it down, sends an email, etc…

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(Stephen Mattison) #3

@Grant_Stead Thanks Brosef!

I got this working, easier than I thought, as usual!

1st time working with LINKTOFORM().

Great ideas, thx!

I really need to play/learn more b/f asking for help.

You are so great at helping and I thank you for me and everyone else that you thoughtfully and expertly help!

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(Andrew Eills) #4

Hi Stephen - When I saw your post, I thought, yes, I need that, so I set up a test app with a parent and child table linked by the child ID (initial value of UniqueID() in the child row).

Then I created an in-line action in the parent deck view that ran actions to set the child ID in the parent row to UniqueID(), and then copy that child ID across to the child form, using LinkToForm to open the child form and add in the child ID value generated in the parent deck view.

It doesn’t work.

I’m guessing your orders and products tables are related, so how did you ‘relate’ them using the LinkToForm?

Thanks for any info you can provide.

(Andrew Eills) #5


Please ignore the above post. Sorted it. Schoolboy error.

(Stephen Mattison) #6


K, cool, was just coming back to this.

Glad you got it sorted.