In the deployment section, can there be a re-...

(Multi Tech Visions) #1

In the deployment section, can there be a re-evaluate button in there where we can go to have the system perform a deep-sync?

(Editor wise)

If we want this deep save (which triggers the deeper checking of all the docs and everything) we have to make an arbitrary change to something for the option.

Just wondering if we could get a button in the deployment part when an app is marked as deployed?

Thanks for considering!

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@MultiTech_Visions Hi Matt, I believe this can already be done using the existing deployment check button. Whenever you run a deployment check, the system will perform a full diagnosis of the app and check for all potential problems. If this is not what you have in mind, could you elaborate on what you want to do?

(Multi Tech Visions) #3

Yeah, but if I have an app that’s deployed and up and running and everything… If users reporting some weird errors the first thing I do is a deep save - so it checks all of the documents and everything to ensure that all everything is linked in all that.

You accomplish this simply by making an arbitrary change to something, I usually go to the name of a column and put a space, wait for the editor to recognize that, then delete the space, and do a deep save.

It’s something that I and other more experienced users of the system know to do, but somebody who’s just coming in might not know how to get in there and make the system reevaluate everything without having to feel like they’re doing something that might break it.

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #4

@MultiTech_Visions I see, that certainly makes sense, especially when the app has already been deployed.

@praveen @Sarah_Gould_AppSheet Do you think we should add a button to allow app creators to run a full diagnosis of deployed apps? Also, perhaps we can modify the text of the current deployment check button to let new app creators know that a deployment check is also a full diagnosis.