In the sample app "Work Orders2" How do you sort by "Status" in "ascending" without it being alphabetical?

The sample app “Work orders2” Shows a list undert he tab “Status” that are ordered in groups based on their current status, they are ordered in the same order as the enum, which is a “chronological” order, however when I put the same exact options on my app, it arranges them in alphabetical order which puts Delivered before Received and its not intuitive. I was wondering where can I change it so it orders by status chronologically and also if theres a way to “minimize” (for exmaple if I click a ceratin status all of the orders under that status will hide, like an expanding arrow on an explorer menu)

Hi @Tom_Cat
Do you have a screen shot of your status view in editor?

Hi @Lynn ,
As you can see the “Delivered” is shown at the top and that is the last step in my ENUM for “Status” so I dont know how to make that go to the bottom

I see. And your enum list is set out as in the app?

I made that sample app but I dont know what magic I used to get it like that . It is in the order of the Enum and there is also a Sort by column for date.

By the way there was an error in the template for the Report "Todays Unresolved issues "
I am not sure if it has been fixed or not.

Hi Lynn,
I fixed it. Apparently if you disable “Allow other values” then it sorts in the order.


Great .