In the Service Log Demo in the customer table...

(Marius Scholtz) #1

In the Service Log Demo in the customer table is keyed on the Customer Name. The problem with this is sometimes we have to create a service log before knowing the customer name. I have tried to use “unknown” as a stand in to later edit once customer name is available but because it is a key no later editing is possible.

Can I now safely change the key with out risking my already entered data and what key should I use? What is a computed key and should I use that instead maybe?

Thank you for any help.

(Tony Fader) #2

@Marius_Scholtz Just use a unique id as the key and have the Customer Name be a regular non-key column. Just add a column that’s hidden with UNIQUEID() as the initial value.

(Marius Scholtz) #3

@tony Thank you Tony, looks like it is not working, my existing data in the Customer field (the old key) now has a yellow exclamation sign next to it. I gues it is orphaned. What should I do with this?

Then when I create a new entry and look at my customer sheet I do see the unique id appear in the correct column and the name in the customer column, all looks good.

But when I look in my ServiceLog sheet I see the ref field I used to bring the customer name over is now the unique id in this sheet. Weird in the

app it shows the customer name but I still cannot edit the customer name. Please help.

(Tony Fader) #4

@Marius_Scholtz The yellow triangle means the reference is broken. That means the value in your Ref column is not a key in the table that you’re referencing. - References Between Tables

Make sure the Name is not read-only, is not the key, and has no editable_if constraint. References Between Tables