In which order are AND and OR expressions evaluated?

If I have an expressions like

OR(expression1, expression2, expression3)

Will all expressions be evaluated or will the evaluation stop as soon as expression is true?

If the latter is the case, I would get a faster app by putting the simplest or the most likely true expression first. (and the opposite for and AND() test)

An example of this would be the formula for a security filter where certain users can see all rows in a table but others can only see rows that they are somehow authorised to see. You would put the test to see if the user is an admin first as this would be true for all rows if you are the admin.

Left to right. I’ve been told that evaluation of AND() and OR() stops when a result is assured (i.e., at the first FALSE in an AND(), and at the first TRUE in an OR()).


Great, thanks for the quick reply!

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