Inaccurate GPS location via web browser app ...

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Inaccurate GPS location via web browser app

I have a number of apps that are built to be used via a computer’s web browser. All users have an GPS dongle attached to the computer. Until yesterday, this seemed to work ‘okay.’ The apps displayed the users current location fairly accurately albeit slowly. However, yesterday when a user’s computer lost it’s internet connection, the GPS location became extremely inaccurate placing the user several hundred miles from his actual location. When the internet connection was restored, the location accuracy came within expectations.

Would any of the AppSheet Team care to speak about the method used to pull the user’s location when using an AppSheet app in the web browser. I expected there would be differences between a mobile app and an app used in the browser however, I did not expect that this would be a problem when using a GPS dongle.

For reference, the user’s web browser is Chrome. Would another browser be more suitable? Is this a browser limitation? Are there possible workarounds besides going to a mobile device such as a phone or tablet?

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