Include attachment if

Hi. I have a workflow which looks for data in the table “WorkshopComplete”, if a condition is met [WorkshopComplete]=“Y” it fires a task and sends an email to several people. All good so far.
included in that task is a attachment template which I only want to be sent if another condition is met, [Recall]=“Yes”. How do I do this??

So to summarise:
If [WorkshopComplete]=“Y”, always fire the task, but only attach the template if [Recall]=“Yes”.

There is no “attachment_if”.
You’ll need to create 2 workflows/automations, one with the attachment, one with no attachment, each with a different condition.


Hi Marc
So would this mean two emails fired?

No. 2 automations with opposing conditions, only 1 would fire. 1 contains the attachment, the other does not.

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